Wallpaper Floral Tile Peel and Stick

Wallpaper Floral Tile Peel and Stick – Waterproof Embossed Self Adhesive

Kitchen Oil Proof Checks Wallpaper:

Kitchen wallpaper that is oil and water resistant, eco-friendly, friction-free, and that shields your furniture from rust and moisture.

simple to clean Shield stains. Decorate and update worn-out metallic furniture to give your home a more sophisticated appearance.

Because it is comprised of plastic and aluminium foil, which is considerably stronger against fire than regular PVC sheet, foil is anti-oil, anti-dust, and waterproof. It is simple to clean and remove the stains because it is heat- and moisture-resistant.


Waterproof Embossed Self Adhesive Wallpaper

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Present Designers Say:

Blue Tile Contact Paper, white and blue color, realistic tile design, give you a feeling of clean.

Water resistant, easy to clean, just wipe with a rag. It is the best choice for home decoration!

You will never regret buying it.


  • High-quality PVC material, waterproof, easy to clean.
  • Quick and easy, just peel and stick. Can transform your place in a quick and east way.
  • Adjustable size. Grid line on the back allows you cut and trim it to any size and shape.
  • We have a professional customer service team to provide all customers with fair and equal service within 24h.

Instructions For Use Wallpaper:

Please make sure the surface, which will be covered with paper, is smooth and clean and dry
Measure the size you need
Cut wallpaper to a suitable size, recommend remaining 2 inches larger than the actual size
Peel off the back film carefully, remember not to peel it off at a time. You can pull a little part at one side, post it on the wall, and then take the back film off little by little, with another hand pressing the paper to get the air out at the same time
Trim the excess and enjoy your creation

Wallpaper Specifications

  • Material: 
    • PVC
    • waterproof
  • Colour:
    • Blue
    • white
  • Size: 60*200 CM /roll
  • Usage:
    • Applied to any smooth
    • clean and dry surface.
    • Perfect for kitchen, bathroom, shelf, liner, cabinet, table, room walls and DIY
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