Tabletop Fountains Metal Water Fountain Home Decor

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Serene Symphony

Three-tiered design creates a melodious cascade, inducing relaxation with each gentle water drop.

Durable Elegance

Crafted from sturdy metal, this fountain ensures long-lasting beauty and tranquility in any setting.

Seamless Operation

Effortlessly enjoy continuous water flow with a quiet, built-in submersible pump for care-free relaxation.


Warm yellow led Light

The gentle flow of water is accompanied by stained glass and warm yellow LED lights creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere which replicating the sights and sounds of a tranquil spring,

The simulation leaves

Features a multi-tier copper-colored floral leaf design and Stained glass-filled base with an interior pump that keeps the water flowing. 3-layer lotus leaf-like layer creates a soft and soothing water flow.

  • Modern Fountains: It is a modern style waterfall fountains, Copper-colored metal blooms and metal leaves, a quiet built-in submersible pump provides continuous water circulation.
  • Enjoy the Sound of Water: It’s a sensory experience to enjoy the soothing sounds of water and peaceful looking in a dim room or on the evening outside patio table.Makes you feel like being in nature.
  • Low Maintenance: This fountain is self-contained, meaning it requires no additional hardware or plumbing to use. Just lift the top off the base, fill it with distilled water and plug it into a standard electric outlet to enjoy your relaxation tabletop waterfall.
  • Includes: One Modern Relaxation Decoration Fountain. Many Natural River Rocks. One Quiet Built-in Submersible Pump.
  • This indoor fountain is small and lightweight, suitable for home decoration, you can also add your own small accessories inside the basin to create a change of scene and make it look more natural


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